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The PTSD Kit is a special and unique product that was developed from 8 years of experience working with PTSD clients in a professional clinical setting.  It is not simply a kit, but a method that involves using carefully selected essential oils that are intended to be used to dive into the depths of the spirit and help support healing from all types and levels of PTSD.  After working for years in a professional setting, I have come to a deep understanding that healing from anxiety and PTSD is a process.  There is no one simple herb or oil that will magically wipe away symptoms and instantly heal.  However, with personal exploration and awareness, true and lasting healing can be achieved in ways that simple symptom treatment with pharmaceuticals or herbs alone will not.  

This kit is something that may be quite effective for so many out there that deal with anxiety and stress and symptoms of both which may stem from PTSD that is the result of a single traumatic incident or that occurs from smaller wounding in every day life.  It has primarily been offered on a very limited basis and has so far, been mostly purchased by therapists who are using it in their private practices with clients.  

Watch the video here: Sage Moon Apothecary on YouTube.

Because this kit is so special and we feel can help may people, we want it available to all those who feel drawn to it for support.  Therefor, This kit is offered on a sliding scale basis.  You name your price within our requested guidelines.  If you feel that this is beyond your financial means and feel truly drawn to it, please contact us.  We are often happy to make arrangements for bartering.  (Please keep in mind that because we use high quality ingredients and packaging, the low end of our sliding scale, $60, provides Sage Moon Apothecary with approximately a $10 profit.)

The  PTSD Kit has a recommended method of use.  It is suggested that this method be followed with some flexibility as to the length of time used for each step, which may vary for each individual.  Alternatively, the individual may develop their own method of use as best suits their needs.  

Each PTSD Kit contains 6 glass roller bottles, each with a different blend, housed in a lovely tin container, along with instructions for suggested use.

It is recommended that each oil be used in order, daily or nightly, for a period of 1 to 2 weeks and then move on to the next oil in line.  The Serenity Blend can be used in conjunction with the Clarity Blend, alternating between the two, or as a 5th blend on it's own.  The Anxiety Blend may be used as needed for support throughout the recommended protocol. 

1. Letting Go - A blend to support letting go of shock and trauma held on from one or multiple experiences

2.  Spiritual Uplift - A blend that uplifts one from spiritual depression, often involved with PTSD

3.  Calling Back the Soul - During the moment of shock and trauma, there is often, what shaman's describe as a "soul split". literally a piece of the soul splits off, often described as "Watching the trauma from a place outside the body."  The first two oils prepare the path to invite the soul back

4.  Clarity - A blend that invites insight to view the past experience from a new "whole" perspective from the current "whole soul" moment.

5.  Serenity - A blend that can be used alternatively with the Clarity Blend, to help support serenity and self trust in this new way of being.  Also an excellent blend to help promote sleep and restfulness

6.  Anxiety - A blend that can be used up to three times daily when needed during moments of PTSD symptoms or feelings of approaching anxiety.  


Used together, the oil blends contained in this kit may open the door and help support healing.  This kit may be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies.  If you have questions as to whether this kit is right for you, please contact us or talk to your health care provider.  

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