Herbal Care Packages

Herbal Care Packages are collections of mindfully selected products gathered together to honor a theme and support your health & well being.  The contents may vary depending on what fits each theme and what seasonal creations we have at the moment.  Each package will contain three to four, Sage Moon Apothecary products, lovingly created and composed, and shipped to your door.  Packages may contain recipes, cards, and other little treasures.  While packages may vary, they are likely to contain things such as:

Herbal syrups, oxymels (vinegar based syrups), salves , lip balms, boutique salves, emotional support mists, essential oil rollers, seasonal tinctures, bitters, electuaries, essential oil inhalers, herbal teas, herbal infused spirits and elixirs, gemstone and flower essences.  

Herbal Care Packages are an excellent way to slowly build your home apothecary and learn about each product and how you respond to it, at a pace that's comfortable for you.  These packages also make excellent gifs.