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Idiots! Emotional Rescue Mist

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Idiots!  Emotional Rescue Mist

Idiots! is part of our Emotional Rescue Mist line. It is a combination of essential oils and gemstone and flower essences that help to meet you where you are at, and then shift things to where you would like to be.  

Idiots!  is a formula to help support dissipation of irritation and frustration from "other" to support you in letting that go and not adopting it as yours.  When we hold on to irritation and frustration, regardless of the source, it can manifest into physical symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, stress and other conditions stemming from stress and anxiety.  

to use, mist into the air or onto body.  It is helpful to notice where you are at emotionally and mentally before using it and then to pause and notice where you are at after.

Each 2.75 ounce coated aluminum mist bottle contains distilled water, 80 proof alcohol (vodka), witch hazel, essential oils of cardamom, sweet orange, wintergreen, and lime, along with smokey quartz gemstone essence (helps to remove and let go of negative energy and clearing/detoxing)

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