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Authentic Human is a product collection that is very dear to me.  Very much like my Healing PTSD Kit, the Authentic Human Collection is a culmination of my work as an herbalist, an aromatherapist, and an energetic bodyworker. It focuses on exploration and healing of our emotional body, which then will trickle outwards to our physical body.

Allowing ourselves to feel our emotions is not always an easy endeavor. Emotions can be hard. When we don't allow ourselves to feel our emotions and to express them, they can get sort of stuck and can manifest themselves as physical ailments. Please read my blog post on The Emotions Underlying All Illness, for a more in depth look.

The Authentic Human Collection is for every human of every age.  The cards were created in an easily accessible language that is appropriate for children, teens, and adults.

The Authentic Human Collection can help us to feel and express the emotions that are innately human. It is our human right to feel the grand spectrum of human emotions, and it is often something we deny ourselves……because…..emotions can be hard.  Often there will be more than one emotion that we do not allow ourselves to feel.  We usually learned this at a young age, and not by any ill intent.  Nearly always it stemmed from love.  Often parents don’t want to see their children sad, so they are quick to remedy sadness.  The trouble with this, if it is continual, is that children may never learn “sadness”.  This can create a strong discomfort when sadness does come, and not being equipped to allow themselves to experience it, it gets tucked away.  When you tuck emotions away long enough, they will eventually manifest as physical ailments.  Sadness and Grief are two that are often expressed through the lungs, as asthma, COPD, etc.  

Authentic Human is a collection of cards and corresponding oil rollers that employ essential oils and gemstones, to help support emotional awareness.  Seven of the more familiar human emotions are portrayed on seven different cards.  Each card contains a simple, yet powerful write up about each emotion to help one recognize and distinguish it.  Each card also contains questions for exploration that can bring insight, which can lead to awareness, and then healing.  Sometimes you won’t be aware of the physical connection, until one day you realize…..”oh hey, I used to have this issue and now that I think of it, I haven’t had that issue in quite a while.:  Other times it can be like a light switch.  You have a physical ailment that is sudden gone after you have explored, become more aware of, and allowed yourself to feel and express anger that was previously repressed.

The Authentic Human Collection is a go at your own pace process.  You can purchase the entire set at once (offered at a discount), or purchase them one at a time, spending as much time as you need with each one, until you feel ready to go on to the next one.  The benefit of having the entire set, is that you can reach for the cards and rollers whenever you feel you could use some support around any particular emotion.  The Authentic Human Collection Cards may be purchased as a set, without the oil rollers as well.


Each 1/3 ounce oil roller contains a gemstone and essential oils in a 5% dilution.  Oil rollers may be rolled onto the bottoms of the feet, the insides of the wrists, or for the most part, anywhere that you feel drawn to using them.  External Use only.  Please avoid contact with eyes and mucus membranes.

Fear - organic olive oil, essential oils of chamomile, vetiver, clary sage, amethyst and labradorite gemstones


Heartsick - organic olive oil, essential oils of bergamot, orange, basil, citrine gemstone


Disappointment - organic olive oil, essential oils of bergamot, orange, basil, citrine gemstone


Sadness - organic olive oil, essential oils of lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, rose quartz stone


Anger - organic olive oil, essential oils of vetiver, patchouli, myrrh, red jasper stone


Delight - organic olive oil, vanilla oleoresin, sweet orange, clear quartz stone


Frustration - organic olive oil, essential oils of silver fir, lemon, sweet orange, green aventurine stone


Please select which emotions you would like to explore.  You will receive one oil roller and one card for each emotion choose. If you would like to purchase more than one at a time, please add each one separately.  

Be Well.  Be Human.

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