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Wild Rosa Rugosa Honey Elixir

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Wild Rosa Rugosa Honey Elixir

This Wild Rosa Rugosa Honey Elixir is absolutely exquisite.  

It's creation began under the full moon on the beaches of Maine. Each petal was mindfully harvested with loving heart supporting intentions.  They were then submerged into a medium of wildflower honey, with a slight touch of brandy to help extract and preserve, and kissed with a bit of organic vanilla bean.  They sat for approximately 6 weeks in the center hub of the magical Sage Moon Apothecary.  

The result is a truly beautiful elixir that hold beautiful heart opening and supporting energetics.  Just a few drops, opens the heart chakra and shifts the entire heart field with a gentle, graceful, intensity.  

This is a Special Limited Edition Creation that only comes once a year.  And each year's harvest is different, holds a different energetic, and specific vibrations.  This years was phenomenal.  This is good medicine.

1 ounce bottle

Ingredients: Wildflower honey, Wild Beach Rosa Rugosa flowers, brandy, organic vanilla bean.  


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