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Love Potion #13

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Love Potion #13

Love Potion #13 is an exquisite seasonal (Limited Edition) creation made from wild harvested Rosa Rugosa (Beach Rose) from Mount Desert Island (harvested under the full moon in Capricorn), combined with other herbs to bring about a heart opening, heart soothing, mood shifting elixir with mild aphrodisiac qualities.

Just a few drops under the tongue can support a gentle, yet powerful shift in the emotional body, which ripples out to shift other body's of existence.

It may also be added to sparkling water, cocktails, and tea to impart a gentle rose flavor and bestow all of it's lovely benefits.

Ingredients:  Wild Maine Rosa Rugosa, raw cacao nibs, rose hips, cinnamon, hawthorn leaf and flower, damaina leaf, ginger root, water, 80 proof alcohol (vodka), vegetable glycerin

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