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I Am Always Responsible for Self

Sage Moon Apothecary LLC

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I Am Always Responsible for Self

Limited Edition - of the moment product

I Am Always Responsible for Self is a little bit of magic in a bottle that helps to fortify the spirit with oils, herbs and gemstones that invoke empowerment, presence, and responsibility for self.

I created this roller in response to the abundance of blame and shame I am witnessing (And experiencing myself) in the past few weeks.  It felt like people could use a bit of support to help us to focus on being responsible for our own actions, rather than direct so much of our attention on others.  By turning our focus inward, we become more present and more empowered.  

To use, roll onto bottoms of feet, over heart, third Chaka area, or third eye.  

Ingredients:  Olive oil, essential oils of cedar, thyme, rosemary, sweet orange, star anise, lepediolite gemstone, hawthorn berry, white pine needle.  

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