CSH, Community Supported Herbalism

Our CSH packages work the same way a farm CSA works.  You purchase a CSH subscription package in advance at a discounted price.  We then send you a package once a month for three months.  We are currently only offering 3 month CSH packages.  

CSH packages differ from our regular monthly subscription packages, in that you are charged one time for all three months.

CSH packages help us out a great deal, allowing us to prepare and tap into the approaching season.  Our customers benefit in knowing that they will receive a package each month filled with wonderful products at a discounted price from buying the products individually.  Plus you save on shipping, as you are only charged once for shipping (on packages under $75) and shipping is FREE on packages over $75.  Additionally, our CSH members will receive samples and special seasonal additions to their monthly package.  

We invite you to explore our current selection of CSH packages.  


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