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Lemon Tai Basil Chili Botanical Soda Concentrate Syrup

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Seasonal Limited Edition!

Lemon Tai Basil Chili Botanical Soda Concentrate Syrup (yes, it is intentionally named Tai not Thai)  is a blend rooted in spicy sweet Thai Basil, with hints of lemon and a kick of capsicum.  It is kissed with bright pink peony flower essence to really bring in summer energy.

This unique syrup is blended with a spike of organic raw apple cider vinegar and Sage Moon Apothecary's own Sunshine Bitters, for a sweet and savory soda unlike anything else you have tried.

It also makes wonderful cocktails and mocktails and can even be used on salads, noodles, veggies, or meats.

To use, add 1tsp to 1 T to sparkling water or your favorite liquid.  

Fresh and Refreshing!

Ingredients:  Water, Thai Basil, Lemon Peel, Capsicum 60K, raw ACV, Sunshine Bitters, Organic Cane sugar, Pink Peony Flower Essence.


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