Cappuccino Face and Eye Gel Creme

Sage Moon Apothecary

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This is very likely to be the most exquisite face and eye creme that you have ever experienced.  

Organic coffee is infused in rich, light quality oils and mango butter to create a creme contains antioxidants and caffeine which assist the skin's ability to restore, firm, and tighten. It helps to lighten, brighten, and even out skin tone as well as reduce puffiness.  The caffeine content also increases blood circulation and refreshens and rejuvenates skin.   This Creme contains NO essential oils, so it is safe for use around eyes.  

Baobab and Jojoba are light, yet exquisite oils, that are easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it fresh and nourished feeling, rather than greasy.  Mango Butter, firmer, yet less heavy feeling than Shea butter, adds to the nourishing light feel.  Just a touch of beeswax is used, enough to give some firmness and thickening qualities to the oils, but not so much as to leave the creme heavy and waxy.  Kissed with carrot seed and rose hip seed oil, which skin loves, this is a very high quality face creme.

Each Cappuccino Face Gel Creme comes in a one ounce heavy glass jar adored with a tiger's eye gemstone chip, which has healing energetics specific to eyes and skin.

Massage a small amount into delicate facial skin and eye area.  Only a little is needed and this 1 ounce jar should last quite a while.  

Ingredients:  organic jojoba oil, organic baobab oil, organic carrot seed oil, organic rose hip seed oil, organic local Maine roasted coffee, organic mango butter, beeswax


"OMG!  Where has this eye cream been all my life!  I love it and it smells beyond wonderful!"  ~Happy Customer, Maine

"I have been using the Cappuccino Eye Creme for a couple of weeks now and definitely notice a difference. The fine lines I was getting around my eyes in recent years, are lessened, and the skin under and on my eye lids is definitely brighter.  Plus is smells so good!  I look forward to using it every day."  ~Happy Customer, California

"Wow! Just Wow!  I don't know how you made such a magical concoction, but it is amazing!  I want to put it all over my face, not just around my eyes!"  ~Happy Customer, Arizona


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