Turmeric, a most beneficial herb

I am contacted multiple times a day by people seeking information on turmeric.  Many of them suffer from arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, and other inflammatory and pain conditions and are looking for relief.  They have heard whispers about this wonderful herb/spice called turmeric and are interested in learning if it may work for them.  

I'll begin by saying that turmeric is an amazing herb.  It is anti inflammatory, relieves pain, and is supportive to the detoxing process in the body, offering great support to the liver.  It also supports hormone balance, aids in digestion, increases metabolism, and promotes a healthy immune system.  It's no wonder why it is often referred to as the "Master Herb".  

It is important to know how to use turmeric to receive the most benefits.  

As an herbalist, I tend to avoid most commercial supplements, and I nearly always avoid products that promote being extractions of specific active ingredients in any herb.  Turmeric is a plant and plants have many parts that work synergistically with each other.  Simply put, it is going to work best when taken in it's natural form, with all of it's parts.

Commercial supplements often contain fillers such as rice flour, millet, and cellulose.  If these ingredients are listed on the product label, there is likely not very much actual turmeric in the product itself.  Commercial supplements are also often dated, and herbs, like food, loose their potency as time passes.  

The best turmeric powder is going to be found from reputable herb companies such as Mountain Rose Herbs, Starwest Botanicals, Pacific Botanicals, etc.  It is going to fresher, void of fillers, and quite a bit less expensive than commercial supplements.  You can easily capsule your own if capsules are a form you prefer.

It is important to note that turmeric is best taken along with a fat, as it helps to absorb it's full benefits.  This  can be any healthy fat, such as is in milk, coconut oil, butter, etc.

Turmeric absorption is also benefited by the addition of ginger and black pepper, both which help to increase it's effects as well as have their own additional benefits of increasing circulation, supporting healthy digestion, and a well functioning immune system. 

Sage Moon Apothecary's Golden Milk Electuary Products combine high quality organic turmeric along with other beneficial herbs of black pepper and ginger, in a raw spun honey and organic raw honey medium with coconut oil, supplying the needed fat for optimal absorption.   It is a convenient, easy to use, and delicious way to use turmeric in an optimal form and it is available in several blends to suit different tastes, and to support individual needs such as added liver support (Shine Blend with Milk Thistle), Immune Support (Rise Blend, with Astragalus), and Blood Support (Gingerbread Blend with Black Strap Molasses).  

Turmeric should be used on a regular basis.  When used daily, customers have reported that they no longer need to use prescription or OTC anti inflammatories and pain relievers, and have shared an overall improvement with their symptoms and general health.  That's the wonderful thing about turmeric - it not only helps to relieve inflammatory and pain symptoms fairly quickly after beginning use, it also works to help the body regain a balance and may improve underlying issues.  

Not everyone should take turmeric.  Individuals using blood thinning medications should not use turmeric, because it can increase bleeding potential.  Diabetics who are using medications to lower blood sugar, should proceed with caution and careful monitoring, as turmeric can, usually in higher doses, lower blood sugar.  Pregnant women should not use turmeric.  If in doubt about whether turmeric is right for you, it is recommended that you consult with an herbalist as well as your physician or naturopathic doctor.  If you are taking medications, it is recommended that you speak with an herbalist and/or pharmacist for any contraindications or known reactions between turmeric and medications.

A wonderful herb that is helpful for health and wellness on many levels.  

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