Bringing back the wonderful electuary


Electuaries are one of my favorite ways to use herbs.  They are simple to prepare, convenient to use, and there are endless combination possibilities.  

An electuary, also referred to as a confection, is a paste made from powdered herbs combined with honey, sugar, or fruit pulp.  It is a delivery vehicle for herbs that tend to be more on the unpleasant tasting side as a palatable way to take them.  I have found that electuaries do not need to be limited to the unpleasant herbs and when created with the right combination, can be quite enjoyable.  

There are going to be some herbs that will be best taken as a tea, some as a tincture, however many can be taken in an electuary which I feel very beneficial to take the whole herb, when appropriate,  as opposed to an extract. 

All electuaries can be taken by the spoonful, just as they are.  Some can be made into a comforting beverage with hot water, milk, or other hot liquid.  When you periodically stir the concoction while consuming, you are getting the whole herb as well as properties that are best extracted in water.  

Some herbs or plants are not going to be best used in an electuary.  These are going to be things like chaga, rishi - which do need either a water or alcohol (or better yet both 0 double extraction) to be able to be used by the body.

Sage Moon Apothecary is best known for their Golden Milk Electuary blends, which combine the healthful herbs in traditional golden milk, along with coconut oil, which supplies the needed fat to optimize turmeric absorption.  We are in the process of creating other  unique electuary combinations which will be available soon.  

I encourage you to give electuaries a try.  They are usually more pleasant to take then capsules and their delicious taste is often very nourishing to the spirit as well as the body.  


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