A View on Wellness

Jennifer May

Wellness is best achieved by supporting the body to heal itself. This means addressing both the acute situation, which is the manifestation of a deeper issue, and the deeper issue itself. If we are only addressing the acute situation, we are essentially treating symptoms, whether it be with herbs or medications. When we fail to address the deeper issue, which has found a pathway through the acute manifestation another acute manifestation will likely follow. Acute illnesses can be seen as sort of the body’s megaphone method to call attention to something else. It probably gave many other methods a try, but because they weren’t enough to stop us in our tracks, we tucked them aside and carried on with our business. So it speaks louder and louder to get our attention until it does. We are usually so interested in just hurrying up and getting back to business that we reach for symptomatic treatment methods, many which do work quite well. But we often haven’t supported the underlying condition and so the body finds a new pathway, often one with a bigger megaphone.

A good example of this is the young child or baby with eczema. It is not an uncommon situation for the eczema rash to be treated quite successfully with steroid creams. The irritating rash is gone, yet the reason that the eczema occurred in the first place hasn’t been addressed. The pathway that the body was using for expression of the imbalance has been thwarted and so it looks for a new pathway, one which will may be heard. It is a very common occurrance for this new pathway to be the development of asthma. Often we then just treat the asthma with inhalers and more steroids, and thwart the body’s pathway yet again. Do you see the pattern here?

One reason I like herbs for treating symptoms is that they can often simultaneously treat both acute and underlying issues. Medications, while sometimes wonderful for symptom treating, and in some situations are life saving, do little but maintain and rarely address the root imbalance itself.
Herbal medicines tend to work on relieving acute symptoms while at the same time supporting the body to shift towards a direction of wellness. Such is the case, for example, with turmeric. It is a wonderful anti inflammatory and brings fairly quick pain relief. At the same time, it supports the liver and the digestion. When the liver and digestion are better supported, the body simply works better. It is directing less energy towards manifesting acute illnesses and less energy in trying to regain balance through them.

Im going into quite a bit of detail and could go into more, to describe what is actually a very simple concept. Support the liver, the adrenals, the digestion while also supporting current acute illnesses and you will find that you have less acute illnesses.

I written quite a few times on various platforms regarding the Main recommendations I have for wellness with regards to herbal preparations. These would be adrenal support and liver support. Additionally, anyone dealing with chronic conditions may benefit from the addition of a safe for long term use antiviral, as studies are now showing that many conditions, especially autoimmune, have underlying viral components. Adequate sleep, hydration, and digestive wellness are also extremely important. I strongly suggest including fermented foods and things such as digestive bitters in the diet to help support healthy digestion.

Sage Moon Apothecary creates several products to support these main recommendations, as well as many others that support wellness, including those that support symptomatic treatment. And there is a strong emphasis in my products on the effects they have on the emotional body, as this too is a major factor in wellness.

The body is extremely resilient. It has amazing capabilities to heal itself and is doing so all of the time. If we can support it, we encourage this healing process and may have profound shifts in our health that we didn’t imagine possible.

Be well.

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